Answers to frequently asked questions about Membership:

1.   It costs nothing to enroll in the Roots of Texas Web Site and become a member. Simply go to registration and complete the form. All information you submit will remain confidential.

2.  Membership benefits are too numerous to list in a brief summary. But generally the web site provides history and information about the original Spanish settlement of Texas which heretofore has not appeared as frontline material in the state’s official history. Some material may impact cases pending against Texas for alleged illegal land seizures by the state. Perhaps most relevant to the study of Texas Hispanic history is the goal to publish authentic material covering the oppression suffered by early Spanish and Mexican settlers. Treatment that led to more than a century of racial degradation in Hispanic communities and more specifically, its long lasting effects on the general Hispanic population of Texas. This covers an array of subjects which will continue growing as the present Land Grant Movement evolves. It begins with the manner in which Spanish and Mexican lands were seized by the United States and Texas... a controversy that continues to this day. Register, become a member and enjoy the truths. All Hispanics will gain from this perspective. Most will be astonished.   
3.  Members will be given preferential treatment in a number of benefits offered by . As an example, renowned scholars and legal practitioners will be scheduled to lecture on these subjects at our conferences. Registered members interested will be allowed to submit questions for address at these assemblies. Also (within the means of available space and time) private meetings with some of these dignitaries will offer one-on-one opportunities for Roots of Texas members.   

 4. Frequent website updates will inform members of latest developments in matters of litigation, political actions, Legislative Advocacies and more.

5.  Our BREAKING NEWS COLUMN will attempt to bring members the latest news concerning specific items of interest and (within the organization’s means) will grow to meet membership demands.

6.  Material in is designed to complement the mission of the Alliance of Texas Land Grant Descendants. Among the Alliance’s mission statement, is a provision for pursuing amends for the loss of land and inheritance by Hispanics, as predicated by how Texas unjustly disposed of Land Grant Family Ownerships. An early practice of Texas Government which adversely impacted the state’s entire Hispanic population for over a century.     

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