Estimados Tejanos:

            In the wake of our recent Alliance to unite our quest for LAND GRANT justice, our resolve will soon be tested in Austin. One of our families will meet the state HEAD-ON in court! On October 6th, the Galans will appear as plaintiffs against the state. It is truly shameful for Texas…that after the hardships this family endured to settle this land… they now have to sue the state for ownership. Perhaps most amazing, the Ramos Attorney Law Firm from Laredo, Texas is representing the state. Does that surprise anyone?

            I have requested the date, time and place of this hearing from the Galans, along with their permission to inform Alliance members. A strong showing of support in that courtroom would send a clear message to Texas that our resolve is firm. I vividly recall the UMPC Austin hearings where crowds of Tejanos appeared, many in their best Sunday clothes, conveying a strong motivation to amend what the state has done to our ancestors. THAT MESSAGE is paramount in our quest. The Galans certainly deserve our best wishes and support. The impact of their day in court can have a profound effect on our movement. With God’s will, I plan to be there… and hope our members can pack that court room.

With warmest regards,

John Falcon


COURT DATE: October 6, 2015
TIME:  2:00 P.M.
PLACE: The Herman Marion Sweatt Travis County Courthouse
ADDRESS: 1000 Guadalupe Street, Austin, Texas 78701