STAFF OFFICERS ELECTED on September 16, 2015 at the Omni Hotel

First Annual Assembly of Land Grant Descendants Conference  


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Nick Balli, Tina Heathington, Hermina Martinez, Juan Castro, Shawn de la Garza, Ernest Falcon, Gloria Munoz Gibney, Grace Cavazos, Paul Randles






PLEASE NOTE: The information below is a brief description of the duties and responsibilities of the listed Staff Officers. A more thorough description is being written into the Alliance Bylaws and will be made available to REGISTERED MEMBERS ONLY with limited access based on need to know. Any or all items as written below may be changed after legal review of the Alliance Bylaws.

 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (ED): The Executive Director will provide direction and policy for the mission of the Texas Alliance of Land Grant Descendants. He/she shall preside over the entire scope of alliance purpose and objectives. In effect, all components of the alliance functions including  but not limited to; Administration, Logistics, Communications, Operations, Personnel, Finance, Mission Strategy, Tactical Solutions and any other component of Alliance Business that materially impacts the well-being of the Alliance. Periodically, as the alliance functions and tasks demand he shall prepare a meeting agenda for the Executive Committee and call said meeting by email; with response required from each Executive Committee Member.  This meeting agenda shall include all matters of material nature for discussion and approval when required, and, in accordance with the Alliance Bylaws. Following said called meetings, the Executive Director, through his/her appointed Secretary, shall prepare the Minutes of Meetings as called and shall present at the following called meeting for approval by the Executive Committee members. The Executive Director will not vote in Executive Committee matters.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS (ECM): Executive Committee members, through the Minutes of Meetings provided by the Executive Director’s Office, are charged with the responsibility to oversee the entire operation of the Alliance, including but not limited to: Administration, Logistics, Communications, Operations, Personnel, Finance, Mission Strategy, Tactical Solutions and any other component of Alliance Business that materially impacts the well-being of the Alliance. Said oversight includes review of the annual performance of the Executive Director in which Executive Committee Members are charged with the responsibility to insure his/her administration runs in accordance with the Bylaws and policies of the Alliance. The Executive Committee may intercede in all aspects of the Executive Director’s functions by first following a protocol of communication with the Executive Director with specifics in question. If no resolution is generated with said communications, Executive Committee members (with signatures of three members) have the authority to demand that said issue appear in the next meeting agenda for discussion and action. In such cases the Executive Committee must achieve a 2/3s majority vote to reverse or repair the item at issue.

VOTER REGISTRATION CHAIRPERSON (VRC): The Voter Registration Chairperson shall appear at all Executive Committee Meetings and shall report to the Committee as directed by the Executive Director. The specific mission of the VRC is to develop and implement a plan for communicating with public voters and indoctrinate Hispanics on the importance of “Voter Registration”. The VRC must connect with public voters in areas as directed by the ED, and he/she must remain in touch with the objectives of the Alliance. All subject matter to be posted on the Alliance Web Site, must first be approved by the Executive Director and reported to the Executive Committee at the next committee meeting. The VRC must coordinate closely with the Executive Director in all matters of Voter Registration and must respond to all of his/her directives.

PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER (PIO):  The Public Information Officer shall report directly to the Executive Director and respond as directed for all functions of Public Information.  At no time shall the PIO release, indorse, or in any capacity enjoin a public release concerning matters of the alliance without first receiving approval from the ED. The PIO shall attend all meetings of the Executive Committee.

SECRETARY TREASURER (ST):  The Secretary Treasurer shall perform directly under the Executive Director but must also report all matters pertaining to the finance and accounting of the Alliance Treasurer, to the Executive Committee. All financial matters and fiscal reporting required of the Alliance by state or any other lawful authority are the responsibility of the ST. Under no circumstances may the ST accept or collect monies whether by cash, check, or any other manner of transfer without proper accountability in accordance with the requirements of the State of Texas and as directed in the Bylaws of the Alliance. Regularly, the ST must remain prepared to render a balance of all financial assets of the alliance to the Executive Director, or the Chairperson of the Executive Committee if called upon to do so. Equally, the ST shall render a complete report of all financial matters to the Executive Committee at each of their scheduled meetings.

HEADQUARTERS LOCATION of THE ALLIANCE:  The headquarters of the alliance shall be located in or around the City of Corpus Christi, Texas (specific street address will be announced soon).


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