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Spanish Mustangs

Roots of Texas

Spanish and Mexican Heritage

This website is dedicated to recapture the groundbreaking sacrifice of early Tejano settlers who planted the authentic ROOTS of TEXAS. Enduring harsh and lethal environments, they toiled through grueling challenges to transform the land into a civilized human existence. This part of the region's Hispanic contribution has been denied official presence in the State's history. is designed to revitalize that missing link.

   The authentic roots of Texas voyaged to their place

in American History nestled amid cargo and crew of

a fifteenth century Spanish Galleon.  In a flotilla

commissioned by Queen Isabella of Spain,

Christopher Columbus discovered the American

continent  and opened the new world for colonization.  On November 6, 1528, the first Hispanics landed on Texas soil and began a settlement process that endured for nearly two centuries.  In the 1600s Spanish Missions sprung up in central Texas and by the mid-1700s, Spanish Pioneers began moving to Nuevo Santandor to settle the land we know as South Texas.


    Today, the state remains uniquely rich in Spanish and Mexican culture and embodied with traditions of Hispanic customs. Few regions of this great nation are so richly endowed.